Top 5 online income streams for 2022

shuaib masoud
4 min readDec 21, 2021

As it’s fast approaching the end of 2021 we are in a phase of reflection. Reflection of the year behind us and thinking about what to do next.

If you’re like a developer who loves his job but always looking for ways to supplement the income then you’ve landed on the right post!

Here are my top 5 online income streams you can try right now as developer — regardless what field of technical development you are in!

  1. Affiliate marketing — It is exactly as it says on the tin. Affiliate Marketing is a branch of marketing where you promote other company’s products on your website or social media. Usually done with a code and when someone makes a purchase you get a commission cheque the post for an agreed amount. Plenty of resources online that go through the basics of it and also that offer paid gigs for any one who wants to be an affiliate marketer. From Clickbank to smaller companies — lot’s are looking for people to promote their products and it’s a win — win situation.
  2. Paid survey taking — Again this is straight to point. Google paid surveys and you will see thousands of results looking for people to do surveys in exchange well…for the dollar. Check out
  3. Selling stuff on Ebay — This is opportunity that has been around and will continue to do so for while longer. Remember on eBay you can also sell digital products and not just physical goods. The huge pro with this? Masses flock to ebay so you don’t to do your own promotion and marketing like you would need if you were selling on your own website.
  4. Freelancing — This here is no brainer. Since the first pandemic the amount of people who have ‘jumped ship’ and moved into freelancing from permanent work increased greatly. This is especially apparent in the IT or Professional fields. Check out sites like or Fiverr. Since freelancing is wide term and can mean many different things you be stuck for ideas for getting into freelancing. No worries check out these ideas to kick you off:
  • Gig Economy — Pick up any small task whether it be ironing or washing dishes and use it to freelance with. Post an ad in your local paper or website and say what you do and name your price. Don’t be afraid to offer a competitive price — if you are good at what you do you should…
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