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shuaib masoud
3 min readNov 29, 2020


You may wonder “a new writer, on a pervasive topic…what for?”. I had that thought too, but bear with me; hopefully you will resonate with some ideas from this series I’m sharing.

I am Shuaib, a 30ish family man residing in Edinburgh, Scotland who loves web tech! I started casually writing a decade or so ago, as well as having dabbled in many different programming and data development languages from desktop systems to mobile apps. My forte is web apps and internet tech especially API engineering. Just for the record, I am a qualified developer (BEng Honours Web Technology, 2011).

In this first post I want to touch on the job role of a full stack developer. Very quickly it’s become the new kid on the block. What does it involve for the developer day to day?

The full stack developer simply means a developer who can develop across the stack. Commonly this is the traditional 3 tier stack — a backend (including databases, APIs, apps and so on), the middle tier (for example controllers, middle layer software or tools) and finally the client (e.g. frontend UI or Views).

That’s it, really.

In a typical job or project this then means you’re expected to work on either one or all of three layers at any given time. So one day you could be designing a CSS snippet for a Popup. The next, it’s the backend layer and working out how/when/where a certain piece of data in the database will be triggered when received by the controller and what will be displayed on the front end.

Additionally, back before the year 2010s, the full stack developer mostly used many tools which varied from the dated IngressDB and MySQL to newer tech HTML4 , CSS2 at the time - and some JS. But over time since full stack development was moving towards web tech only and now if you see it described anywhere then most likely there’s not going to be much or any desktop tech involved.

How can you enter a role and succeed as a Full Stack Developer?

Firstly like with anything else I would say stay hungry for new knowledge and focused. That said I think these two are the most powerful traits in this ever changing world of tech: web tech. I say this mainly for two reasons:

  1. New knowledge — new knowledge is useful whether it’s used…



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