My Top 6 Online Programming Playgrounds — Best Coding Fiddles

shuaib masoud
3 min readNov 25, 2021

As a coder/software engineer you will be using an IDE pretty much every single day.

This will be your “bread and butter” tool and you will use it whether you’re a employee or a freelancer — an IDE is central to all of your projects.

But as we all know as an engineer you’re consistently learning and this potentially means trying out new ideas all of the time and you may need more than one IDE. If like me you may like to step out of side your project every now and then and even try out new things so coding in another IDE will help.

One of the best ways to do this and instead of installing many other IDEs, you can try online IDEs otherwise known as playgrounds or fiddles.

Today we will list the best coding fiddles — yes this is subjective however in my view these really are!

Fiddles are heaven sent for debugging and independent diagnosing — since they’re online if you’re code works there and locally you have an issue then straight away you will know it’s a local/machine issue

  1. JS — As web Developer more than any other type-of-developer, I have used JSFiddle for many years now. It’s an amazing tool and paced the way for many more online fiddles. As the name suggests it’s a playground to test out your JS code but not also that. You can code and build a whole website by adding HTML and CSS and link in other libraries too — whether local or external.
  2. .NET Fiddle — I love C# and use it in some assignments every now and then so when I found .NET Fiddle I was so happy. Unlike JS or SQL, C# projects can be a pain to debug and finding out problems sometimes is not a quick task on a dev machine. There could be program version issues, .net framework issues, build issues, cached issues esp. with web apps etc. etc. so if it’s independent classes or methods and or helper methods it’s nice then to quickly test in .Net Fiddle.

Leaving test code or small items which cause bugs can be expensive in large .Net apps so you will be safer to build outside and online .Net Fiddle any small chunks of functionality.

You can also link any third party packages from NUGET which is the .Net equivalent of NPM modules or Python’s libraries.

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