Your own NodeJS library

Have you heard of ThisJS.js?

shuaib masoud
6 min readMay 19, 2021

Let’s create a useful tool with NodeJS

You may wondering how good ThisJS.js is or how it even ever came about.

What’s true though is this was just a crap title and this thing does exist not — yes there is no library called thisjs.js our there. Well I hope not but I hope it caught you attention though! ;-)

ReactJS, AngularJS, NextJS, BackboneJS, VueJS, PolymerJS, EmberJS, MeteorJS, Svelte, Ember, Preact — how many JS frontend frameworks are there?? The list doesn’t stop growing.

So in this article I will explain how to build your own framework that you don’t included in your projects because it’s the latest thing and that’s it. Instead we will design and build a useful backend tool for helping you generate backend to middle layer classes as well as a tool that can build develop pages too.

However what I will try to do is not weigh the pros and cons even though that would be greatly be beneficial — that could consume too much time — so instead however I will aim to help create your own tool (call it a framework, library whatever) that hopeful uses the best of all worlds. For example no one will use every function in the above library so why not try to make use of each function but wrap into your tool would be easier and fastest to consume — it means not using ten different libraries with 10…



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